Street Lighting

Streetlights in Maplewood are typically at intersections, the ends of cul-de-sacs, at sharp turns and steep hills and at the entrance to or within publicly-owned facilities.

Street lighting within the public right-of-way is defined as a traffic-safety function as opposed to a security function.

Security Light

If an established area is particularly dark and has an increase in crime you should contact XCel Energy at 800-960-6235 to discuss the possibility of having a "security light" installed. Typically if there is an existing electrical source and pole it would be approximately $10 to install and then about $7 per month for electrical costs.

Malfunctioning Light

Xcel Energy maintains most streetlights in Maplewood. Information about the malfunctioning light can be provided to Xcel through their website or by contacting the Public Works Department at 651-249-2400.

Burned out street lights are normally repaired by Xcel within 24 hours of notification.
Decorative street lighting was installed on Kennard Street and Legacy Parkway in the Legacy Village area near Maplewood Mall. This lighting was also incorporated in the Highway 36 and English project. The city has entered into a contract with the City of Saint Paul to maintain these new decorative streetlights.

Decorative street lighting will be installed within other parts of the community as new development/redevelopment occurs.


Electricity and maintenance costs for street lighting and traffic signals within the city are being paid for through an electric franchise fee established by the City Council. These franchise fees are included on resident electric bills.