While Maplewood does not have sidewalks in most residential areas, they are becoming more prevalent in larger commercial areas and along high-traffic streets. In 2002, Maplewood city crews constructed a sidewalk on the west side of White Bear Avenue under the Highway 36 overpass. 


Policies, Plans & Goals

  • Trails have also been required as part of new residential developments to provide convenient access to parks and open areas.
  • The Maplewood City Council has adopted a policy to install sidewalks adjacent to all heavily-traveled roadways within Maplewood.
  • Public Works Maintenance has developed a plan to provide residents/users of sidewalks a more convenient and safe system.
  • Any uneven joints or cracked and broken sidewalk that could be hazardous to pedestrians should be reported to the Maplewood Public Works Department.
  • During the winter, the goal is to remove snow from walkways within 48 hours of the completion of street plowing operations.
  • There are certain secondary or less-used walkways that will not be maintained at this time due to their fragmented nature. Others currently maintain many of these short, unconnected sidewalks.

Maplewood sidewalk maintenance and replacement policy - (PDF)