Street Projects Process

Each year, the Maplewood Engineering Department reconstructs some streets within the city. These projects are determined by the Capital Improvement Plan; you can view the 5-Year Street Improvement Plan.

In a new initiative to address the concern of the deteriorating road conditions by funding accelerated repairs, the City Council is looking to institute a gas franchise fee.

The City Council prioritizes these prospective projects and authorizes feasibility studies for those scheduled in the following year.

Informational Meetings

The Engineering Division then:

  • Schedules informational meetings with the project area residents
  • Surveys the area
  • Prepares preliminary designs
  • Evaluates alternatives
  • Presents a recommendation to the City Council

In some cases improvement projects are initiated by resident petition.

Final Construction Plans

If the council approves the project, the Engineering Division then prepares final construction plans, lets the project out for bids and provides inspection during construction of the improvement.

Improvement Projects

Outside engineering consulting firms are sometimes hired to handle improvement projects within the city. These firms work in conjunction with the Maplewood engineering staff, and a city inspector is a liaison on those projects.