Payment Procedures

  1. Beginning the day after the assessment roll is adopted, a property owner has two payment options: pay the assessment or allow the assessment to be placed (certified) onto their property taxes, payable over a designated number of years.
  2. If a property owner choses to make a pay the assessment, the city will accept payment against the assessment in amounts which are at least 25% of the adopted assessment amount. If full payment is made during the 30 days following the day of the hearing, no interest will be charged against the assessment.
  3. Beginning 31 days after the assessment roll has been adopted, the city will accept 1 more payment against the assessment until October 1st of that year. However, beginning on this 31st day, interest will be applied against any remaining balance, at a specified rate, calculated back to the date of the assessment hearing.
  4. After October 1st of that year, no assessment payments will be accepted by the city. All assessments with any remaining balance will be certified, before November 15, to the Ramsey County for placement on the property tax records. Payments may be accepted at Ramsey County after receipt of the certified levied assessment roll from the City of Maplewood. Interest would be calculated by Ramsey County from the date of the hearing until December 31st of that year.
  5. Any unpaid amount of the levied assessment will be placed on the property tax record of each assessed parcel for a pre-specified number of years (typically 8 to 15 years) and collection takes place over that amount of time. A 15-year assessment would pay 1/15 of the certified principal each year with interest calculated on January one of each year through the end of that calendar year.
Please Note
The interest portion in the first full year of payment will also include interest for that portion of the previous year, beginning from the date of the assessment hearing.

Once placed on the property tax record, any future payoff payment must be for the total balance due at that time and be paid to Ramsey County.

Maplewood cannot accept assessment payoffs except in special deferred assessment classifications.