Woodlynn-Southlawn Area Street Improvements

About the Project:

The Woodlynn-Southlawn Area Street Improvements, City Project 22-17, is a street and utility project proposed for construction during the summer of 2023. The proposed scope of the project includes the replacement of the failing pavement, soil subgrade corrections as necessary, spot replacement of deteriorated concrete curb and gutter, new concrete curb and gutter on Radatz Avenue, upgrades to the existing pedestrian walkways, upgrades to the existing storm and sanitary sewer systems, and restoration of boulevards and driveways disturbed by the project. The reconfiguration of Woodlynn Avenue from Ariel Street to McKnight Road to better fit current and future traffic demands, promote slower vehicle speeds, and fill in missing segments of the pedestrian network is also proposed with this project. 

The final design includes a 5-foot wide sidewalk along the north-side of Radatz Avenue between Southlawn Drive and White Bear Avenue, with a 3-foot wide grass boulevard between the walk and back of curb. Radatz Avenue will be narrowed from the current 30-31 foot width down to 26-feet wide to constrict the roadway, which tends to promote slower vehicle speeds. In addition to the narrowing, two curb 'bump-outs' will be placed roughly 1/3rd of the way in from each end of Radatz. These bump-outs will constrict the roadway down to 22-feet wide in these two locations, further promoting slower vehicle speeds. Please view the Project Layout Map in the Project Documents below to see the changes proposed along Woodlynn and Radatz Avenues.

The Maplewood City Council awarded a construction contract to T.A. Schifsky and Sons, Inc. on May 8, 2023. Staff will be meeting with the contractor in upcoming weeks to establish a construction schedule. A letter will be sent out to area property owners informing them on what to expect during construction as soon as a schedule becomes available.

Next Steps:

  • Neighborhood Meeting #3 - May 2023
  • Construction - Early June through October 2023

Project Documents 

If you have any questions or comments in regards to the project, please feel free to reach out to Project Manager and Staff Engineer Tyler Strong by phone at (651) 249-2402 or by email at Tyler.Strong@MaplewoodMN.Gov . Please do not hesitate to reach out; that's what we're here for!