Xcel Energy - 1555 Century Avenue

Xcel Energy’s Maplewood Gas Plant, located at 1555 Century Ave N, stores propane which can be inserted into the natural gas system during periods of peak demand in the winter. The plant has been in service since the 1950s. Xcel is investing to enhance safety upgrades and improve plant operations. Improvements include:

  • Improve the existing stormwater routing, storage, and discharge systems on-site while implementing precautions to decrease the risks associated with any liquid propane storage tank failure.
  • Replace the existing propane loading facilities with a new facility located to the north of the existing compound. The new facility will increase operational safety and efficiency at the plant.
  • Install a new fire suppression system with a connection to a proposed water line in Century Ave.
  • Install new compressors, pumps, additional fire and gas detection systems, and electrical equipment to support the new equipment.

Xcel Energy is requesting that the Easement for public purposes in favor of the City of Maplewood as contained in Quit Claim Deed dated March 27, 1979, recorded August 19. 1980, Document No. 2087450 in Ramsey County be vacated to allow for the construction of the Propane Fueling Facility.

Xcel Energy is requesting a variance to the wetland setback requirements. The requested variance is shown on the plans below and includes a reduction of the Type A Wetland Buffer of 100’ and from the Type B Wetland Buffer of 75’.

The Approval Process - Where does this project currently stand?

Environmental & Natural Resources Commission - Reviewed this project on August 15, 2022 and tabled the request to the September 19, 2022 meeting. Upon review of the project on September 19, 2022 the Commission recommended APPROVAL. 

     Staff Report (August 15, 2022)

     Meeting Minutes (August 15, 2022)

     Staff Report (September 19, 2022)

     Meeting Minutes (September 19, 2022)

Planning Commission - Reviewed this request on August 16, 2022 and recommended APPROVAL

     Staff Report 

     Meeting Minutes

City Council - APPROVED this request on September 26, 2022 

    Staff Report 

    Meeting Minutes