Parkway Drive Improvements

About the Project:

This a collaboration between the City, St. Paul Regional Water Service (SPRWS), and Ramsey County that includes upgrades to the storm sewer system servicing the townhome area, provides a new sidewalk connection to the public transportation system, and improve a portion of the Parkway Drive road surface. 


Carriage Homes of Maple Hills, a townhome development, is located north of Parkway Drive and west of Highway 61. Part of the development contains a large pond the takes storm water runoff from the surrounding properties. The initial plan to drain the pond is no longer sufficient because of stronger and more intense storms.

The proposed project will extend the existing drainage underground, allowing more efficient pumping down of the pond’s water levels. Because crews are already diging up Parkway Drive, the SPRWS determined it was an appropriate time to also replace the water main.  

This section of the project runs beneath Ramsey County’s jurisdiction and is adjacent to City right-of-way, all three entities are sharing the cost for needed infrastructure upgrades, road repairs and a pedestrian corridor that better connects to transit. 

Next Steps:

Bid opening: June 21
If approved, construction will begin this summer and run through the fall.

If you have any questions or comments in regards to the project, please contact Project Jon Jarosch at or 651-249-2405. We sincerely thank you for your participation in the public improvement process as we work together to make these improvements to your neighborhood.