Catalytic Converter Marking Label Kits Now Available

With the increase in catalytic converter thefts in Maplewood and across the country, communities have been proactively making available marking kits where residents can have their catalytic converters registered in an effort to deter thieves.

A limited number of kits are available for residents at 

City Hall, 1830 County Road B East
Ask our receptionist upon arrival

CC MarkedAs you may be aware, Minnesota has one of the highest theft rates of catalytic converters in the nation. Criminals are stealing these specific parts because one can cut one off with a reciprocal saw in less than a minute, and the value of the precious metals in them can make them worth up to $1,600.00. The challenge for law enforcement is catalytic converters often do not have serial numbers (those that do are generally not traceable to the vehicle they were installed on). The lack of identification numbers makes it extremely unlikely an officer will be able to link a detached catalytic converter to a crime scene.

To discourage these thefts and provide some possibility for tracing to officers who discover a criminal with one, the Minnesota Auto Theft Prevention Grant, administered by the Commerce Fraud Bureau, is encouraging the marking of catalytic converters. 

Minnesota law enforcement agencies, automotive dealerships, and service centers are marking the converters on the most at-risk vehicles with an easily applied label that has a number, when registered, is traceable to the VIN. These labels are not merely a sticker, once installed, a chemical is applied that with etch the information on the label into the metal. In the event, the label is removed the etched information will remain on the converter. 

Vehicles most at-risk for catalytic converter thefts are:

Chevrolet Express
Ford Econoline
Ford F250
Honda Accord
Honda CRV
Honda Element
Honda Odyssey
Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Tucson
Kia Sportage
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Mitsubishi Lancer
Mitsubishi Outlander
Toyota Prius
Toyota Tundra