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Solar and Energy Efficiency Get a Boost Through Re-Energize Maplewood!

By Ted Redmond, Co-Owner of Pale Blue Dot, LLC, and Environmental and Natural Resources Commissioner

What, exactly, has the City done through the Re-Energize Maplewood! project?  We were hoping you would ask!  Re-Energize Maplewood! has implemented four energy programs including Battle of the Parks, Re-Energize Your Home, Re-Energize Your Business, and The Solar “Top 30”.  The project found that in total, the solar potential identified in the Re-Energize Maplewood! project represents:

  • 25,670,000 kwh of solar electricity generated annually.
  • 252,121 metric tons of greenhouse gases avoided.
  • 3,665,000,000 gallons of water conserved.
  • Up to $94,000,000 in life time electricity cost savings to the building owners.
  • And the potential of up to 8 full time solar array maintenance jobs in the community.
  • Ultimately these arrays could save the “Top 30” sites as much as $92,000,000 over their lifespan.

Maplewood was awarded a 2017 Seed Grant from the Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) for Re-Energize Maplewood!   The project’s focus is on both energy efficiency actions as well as renewable energy.  It has built on the success of the Energize Maplewood! energy actions and also represents the first step towards the City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan renewable energy goals.  Work on this project has been on-going throughout the year and is nearing completion.  Following is a summary of the Re-Energize Maplewood! energy programs:

Battle of the ParksRe-Energize Your HomeRe-Energize your BusinessThe Solar "Top 30"

 Energy savings for your home or apartment:

• Schedule a Home Energy Squad visit.HESYT

• Check out the Energy Savings opportunities from XcelVisit Xcel Energy Savings

• Solar for Homeownerssolar-power

Roof-top solar panels are a sound financial decision in Minnesota. Despite the cold temps, we tend to get a lot of sun! If you’re unfamiliar with the technology and how to “go solar,” here are a few tips. Read on…

• Renewable Energy for Renters.

Renters can also go green while saving money.
Read on…

Energy savings for your business:

  • Energy Smart. 

extBusinesses can make simple fixes such as replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED lighting.  The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce’s Energy Smart program will also help you tackle more extensive and expensive projects like replacing heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems.  No matter how small, big, or complex the project, you will likely see a return on your investment.

  • Renewable Energy for Businesses. 

For businesses, installing solar panels on your roof, over your parking lot, or on an under-utilized section of your site can provide your business with a number of benefits.  Read on…

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This game is an action race against those little red floating meanies –carbon emissions.  Keep carbon emissions from energy use as low as possible by blocking the meanies, and using your money to buy renewable resources, replanting forests, and electric cars to win this game.  Estimated ages most interested 6-12.  Game by NASA


Fetch Energy Challenge
This PBS interactive website helps kids and families figure out how to save energy in their home.  It is cool because you can see what other kids around the US are doing to save energy, and you can report your own energy savings over time.  Estimated ages 6-12, this one will take some effort over time by the whole family, but the results would be fantastic.


Power Up! 
You are in charge of positioning a solar panel and a wind turbine for maximum effect.  You are racing the clock, trying to power up all the little houses on the right.  There are three difficulty levels.  Estimated ages 5-10.  Game by NASA.


Time Machine
For older kids, or adults, this interactive time machine is really interesting!  Just a few quick clicks shows over a decade of the world map.  This is more of a fascinating interactive activity than a game. Estimated ages 10-101.  Game by NAS

Walk the dog by using wind energy!  Pedal a bike to cut a log!  Just drag the parts from the bottom to engineer a contraption to convert wind energy into a dog walking machine.  These are fun puzzles, there are five total.  Estimated ages 6-12.  Game by the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Maplewood Nature Center Winter Open House

Saturday, January 12,
10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

$5 per person includes snowshoe rental (or sleds for very young kids), cider, and activities.  All Ages

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Ice Skating

Maplewood maintains 10 skating rinks throughout the City, 4 of which have supervised warming houses. Check out the website for locations and open times.

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Daily Snowshoe Rental

Rent snowshoes from the Maplewood Nature Center, Tuesday-Saturday for use on site, $5 a pair. 

To reserve, call 651-249-2170

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