Re-Energize Your Home!

The City's Energize Maplewood! Residential Energy Challenge focused on energy efficiency in the home. Ninety seven households participated in the Challenge, earning points for implementing energy efficiency improvements in their homes. The Re-Energize Your Home! program will:

  • Expand on the energy efficiency of the residential energy challenge, promoting energy efficiency programs such as the Home Energy Squad visits. Home Energy Squad visits are easy and convenient way to save money and energy. Click here to view a short video on a Home Energy Squad visit being conducted on a home in Maplewood.
  • Introduce solar feasibility including:
    • Solar payback period with and without incentives
    • Actual building rooftop solar energy levels by month
    • Solar feasibility resources that outline the benefits of solar, understanding solar potential, and ownership, funding, and financing options for solar

Helpful Resouces

For additional information email Shann Finwall, Environmental Planner or call at 651-249-2304.