Solar Generation for City Facilities

City Hall & Community Center Solar Panels

In 2012 Maplewood installed solar panels on City Hall and the Community Center. View details on financing and energy generation for the two solar projects.

City Hall Solar Panels

Ground mounted with 261 panels and 180 reflective panels. The annual kWh is 47,603 with expected electricity produced (AC savings) at $350 to $400 per month. View the energy production from the City Hall panels.

Community Center Solar Panels

Roof mounted with 216 panels and 198 reflective panels. Annual kWh is 48,925 with expected electricity produced (AC savings) at $350 to $400 per month. 

Note: In August 2017 the Community Center solar panels were temporarily removed for rooftop repairs. The panels were reinstalled in 2018. The City is working to get the energy production software back on line.

Nature Center Solar Panels

The Maplewood Nature Center is sporting a brand new look thanks to Federal, State, and City Green initiatives! In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, the City applied for and received a Solar Energy Legacy Grant from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for photovoltaic (PV) panels and solar educational components for the Nature Center. PV cells collect the sun's rays and transform them into useable electric power.

The Nature Center PV project consists of 8, 3 by 4-foot panels (1.4 kW), installed as an awning on the south (front) side of the building. The panels are connected by micro inverters that convert the direct current (DC) produced by the cells to alternating current (AC) that our homes and businesses use for electricity. These particular inverters also allow us to see how much energy each panel is producing. View the energy production from the Nature Center panels.

Community Solar Garden Subscription

On August 5, 2016, the City entered into a 25-year solar garden subscription agreement with Argo Navis CSG2, LLC. The terms of the agreement include a $0.01 rebate per kilowatt of electricity used. The City subscribed to 856,290 kWh, which is approximately 34% of the City's overall electrical use. Estimated savings over the 25-year agreement is $201,707.26. The community solar garden will be constructed in Scandia, Minnesota, with completion of the garden scheduled for mid-2017.