2018 Campaign Financial Reports

Past Reports Due in 2018      
Marylee Abrams 2017 Year End Report    
Kathy Juenemann 2017 Year End Report    
Nora Slawik 2017 Year End Report    
Bryan Smith 2017 Year End Report    
Tou Xiong 2017 Year End Report    
2018 Campaign Finance Reports  
Tyler Hamilton Initial Report
Tyler Hamilton Pre-Primary Report
Tyler Hamilton Pre-General Report
Tyler Hamilton Certification of Filing
Tyler Hamilton Post-General Report
Tyler Hamilton Year End Report
Nora Slawik Pre-Primary Report
Nora Slawik Pre-General Report
Nora Slawik Post-General Report
Nora Slawik Certification of Filing
Nora Slawik Year End Report
Margaret Behrens Pre-Primary Report
Margaret Behrens Pre-General Report
Margaret Behrens Certification of Filing
Margaret Behrens Final Report
Marylee Abrams Pre-Primary Report
Marylee Abrams Pre-General Report
Marylee Abrams Certification of Filing
Marylee Abrams
Marylee Abrams 2018 Year End Report
Nikki Villavicencio Pre-Primary Report 
Nikki Villavicencio Pre-General Report
Nikki Villavicencio Certification of Filing
Nikki Villavicencio Post-General Report
Nikki Villavicencio 2018 Year End Report
Kathleen Juenemann Pre-General Report
Kathleen Juenemann Certification of Filing
Kathleen Juenemann Post-General Report
Kathleen Juenemann 2018 Year End Report
Kevin Berglund Certification of Filing
Bryan Smith 2018 Year End Report