Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors save lives. When properly installed and maintained, smoke detectors play a vital role in reducing fire deaths and injuries.

City of Maplewood Requirement

  • Install a smoke detector in every sleeping room and outside each separate sleeping area.
  • Install a smoke detector on every level of the home.

What You Need To Know

  • There are two types of smoke detectors: 
    • Ionization alarms
    • Photoelectric alarms
  • It is best to use of both types of alarms in the home.
  • Ionization alarms are quicker to warn about flaming fires.
  • Photoelectric alarms are quicker to warn about smoldering fires.
  • Large homes may need extra smoke alarms.
Hear the Beep When You Sleep. Every Bedroom Needs a Working Smoke Alarm.

What You Need To Do

  • Test your smoke detectors at least once a month. Press the button to be sure the alarm is working.
  • Replace all smoke alarms in your home every 10 years.
Smoke Alarm infographic