Preservation Programs

Old places matter. They connect us to the past and provide beauty and a sense of community identity. Preserving and caring for historic buildings can conserve resources, reduce waste, and bring economic benefits.

The City and its Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) encourage owners of historic buildings to consider nominating their site for one of the City's preservation programs.

Century Homes Program

The Century Homes Program honors houses over 100 years old.

  • Eligibility: 100+ year old house.
  • Benefits: Honorary. You'll receive a certificate for your site.
  • Process: There is no nomination form. Every two years, the HPC and city staff will notify owners of homes turning 100 and invite them to participate.
  • Restrictions: There are no restrictions associated with altering your structure beyond regular city permits and requirements.

Local Designation

Maplewood's Local Designation Program recognizes sites and structures that are at least 50 years old and are historically or architecturally significant. The goal of the program is to preserve the historic integrity of buildings and sites while ensuring they continue to maintain functionality. The stories of these special sites help build our understanding of local history. The Bruentrup Heritage Farm is the only site currently on Maplewood's Local Designation list.

  • Eligibility: Structure or site must be at least 50 years old and have historic or architectural significance to Maplewood.
  • Benefits: Honorary. Owners receive a certificate for their site. A brief description of your site will be published on Maplewood's website. Currently, no special tax credits or grant opportunities are available for locally designated sites.
  • Process: The first step is to complete the Local Designation Nomination Form. See Preservation Programs brochure for more details.
  • Restrictions: Once a site is locally designated, if alterations are planned it must be reviewed by the HPC and approved by City Council.

The Heritage Preservation Commission has recommended the City designates Gladstone Savanna as a local historic site. View the Local Designation Application (PDF) for Gladstone Savanna. Designation will be reviewed by the Parks Commission in February 2017 and by the Planning Commission in March 2017.

National Register

The Natural Register of Historic Places is a federal program that honors structures or sites that are at least 50 years old and have historic or architectural significance on the state or national level. The Ramsey County Poor House Barn is currently the only structure in Maplewood that has this designation.

  • Eligibility: Structure or site must be at least 50 years old and have historic or architectural significance on the state or national level.
  • Benefits: Sites listed on the National Register are eligible for investment tax credit, rehabilitation tax credit and are eligible to apply for grants to assist with restoration. Restrictions apply so be sure to read the National Park Service's program information.
  • Process: In Minnesota this program is administered by the State Historic Preservation Office. The city can apply for grants to hire a historian or architect to assist owners with the application, which requires a significant amount of information.
  • Restrictions: After a site is listed on the National Register, if alterations are planned the project must be reviewed by the HPC approved by City Council.

More Information

For more information on these programs, email Ginny Gaynor, or call at 651-249-2416.

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