April Members Challenge

All Team Energy Challenge participants that subscribe to at least one, 100 kilowatt-hour block of Windsource by April 30, 2016 will be entered into a drawing to win a free Home Energy Squad visit, a joint program of Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy. A team of energy experts will visit the winner's home to install energy-efficient materials of his or her choice, including programmable thermostats, weather stripping, a high-efficiency showerhead, CFL bulbs and more.

Wind Turbine

Utilizing Wind Energy

April is the windiest month in Minnesota, making it a great time to start powering your life with wind! This month's mini-challenge encourages you to invest in local, renewable energy by subscribing to Xcel Energy's Windsource® program.

For less than $1 per month, you can invest in Minnesota's clean energy future and use energy from renewable resources. Get started with one, 100 kilowatt-hour block of energy (enough to power all the lights in a typical home for a month. The lighting calculation is based on home with 42 light sockets, using a mix of CFLs, LEDs and incandescent bulbs.), or choose to get 100% of your energy from wind.

Note: The Windsource rate is in addition to the full retail rate and includes a $3.53 per block charge for Windsource, less a credit for fuel costs. In 2015, the average fuel cost credit for a residential customer was $268, making the net charge for Windsource $0.85 per block.

Go for the Bonus

Additionally, if all members of a team subscribe to at least one block of Windsource by the end of the Challenge, that team will earn 80 points! (not to mention your subscription will help the earth!)

Learn More

Additional information about the Windsource program is available online including program FAQs. You must be an Xcel Energy electric customer to participate in the Windsource program.

Sign Up

Ready to power your life with wind and earn points for your team? Sign up now. If you have additional questions, call Xcel Energy at 800-895-4999.

Tip: The average home uses 7 to 10 blocks of Windsource per month. You can log in to My Account or view your paper statement to help determine how many blocks of Windsource you want to subscribe to, or you can choose to be 100% wind-powered.


You just helped your team earn points, and are now supporting the development of renewable energy!

Challenge participant Ron Struss from team Finny Finsters just subscribed to Windsource this week. He said: "I've been meaning to subscribe for a while but never got around to it. I finally sat down on Tuesday night and subscribed. I haven't been the best team member so far, so it feels good to have done something to help my team out. Go Finny Finsters!"