Q:     I have a small team. How can I compete against bigger teams?
A:     Several actions include "bonuses" when all eligible households participate. For instance, earn 100 extra points if every team member schedules an energy audit and/or Home Energy Squad visit. 

Q:     I don't use social media. Will my team be penalized?
A:     Social media is just one way to earn points. If you are not comfortable using it, don't. You won't be penalized. Earn points doing other activities such as implementing energy saving actions at home or attending events.

Q.    My social media settings are set to "private". How will i get credit you can't see my posts with #EnergizeMaplewood?
A.    Take a screen capture of your posts and send them to the Energy Program Coordinator cindy.ojczyk@maplewoodmn.gov. Your efforts will be noted and you will receive credit.