Team Descriptions

Cold-Blooded Crocodiles
Looking for a team to join? Welcome to the Crocs!  Like the crocodile, this team will be tough and robust, have very few natural predators (a.k.a. competition), know how to adapt, and learn how to use our energy most efficiently. (Team Captain Lori Resendiz, Fitness Supervisor with the City of Maplewood)

(Maplewood) Community Center Power Team
Community center members, employees, and community members teaming up to save energy! (Team Captain Christine Evans, Member Services Supervisor with the City of Maplewood)

Finny Finsters
Save money and energy - all the while helping Maplewood meet its energy goals! (Team Captain Shann Finwall, Environmental Planner with the City of Maplewood and resident of Woodbury)

JJ’s Jolt of Joules
Let’s put some money back in our pockets by using common sense to reduce energy use. This team is open to any Xcel Energy gas and electric customer willing to do their part and have some fun along the way. If you usually win, you’ve found the right team. (Team Captain Jon Jarosch, Civil Engineer with the City of Maplewood)

Mean Green Energy Saving Machines
Join just because the name sounds cool or join because you are looking for a winning team to show your commitment to promoting energy efficient, healthy homes in the Maplewood community, and drum roll please, there may be pizza! (Team Captain Chris Swanson, Environmental and City Code Specialist with the City of Maplewood)

(Maplewood) Nature Center Solar Molars
We take a bite out of energy! (Team Captain Ann Hutchinson, Lead Naturalist with the City of Maplewood)

South Maplewood Energy Misers
We formed a team to reduce electricity and gas use in our homes, save money through energy actions, and help educate and empower the community. Our goal - move Maplewood towards carbon neutrality (Team Captain Matt Ledvina is a citizen member of the Maplewood Energy Action Team and has worked to implement residential and commercial alternative energy projects.) 

What the Watt! 
If you live in South Maplewood and on the hill of Highwood and Sterling please feel free to join our Team! (Team Captain Amy Decker)

Woodlands of Maplewood
The Woodlands of Maplewood townhouse association members live in newer townhouses that are already energy efficient - but, we can always make some improvements, starting with energy audits by Xcel Energy. Please join our team so we can all cut our energy costs. (Team Captain Tom Sinn, Environmental and Natural Resources Commissioner).

Team of the Woods

Team Maple Lane

Team Lamour

Energize Maplewood smaller