Competition Goals

  • To reduce energy use in the Maplewood Community
  • To provide a fun opportunity for residents to apply energy saving actions, lower their energy bills, increase home comfort, fix home problems, and create a healthier home 
  • To provide fun events and social media opportunities for participants to share ideas, inspire others, and showcase success
  • To increase awareness of energy reduction and renewable energy opportunities

Energize Maplewood! Energy Challenge

The City of Maplewood is excited to launch Energize Maplewood! Team Energy Challenge, a voluntary residential energy competition sponsored by the City of Maplewood, working together with Xcel Energy. From January to May 2016 teams of participants will apply energy-reducing and renewable energy actions to earn the title "biggest energy loser" and win the grand prize - of up to $500 for the winning team. Individual participants will work to reduce their energy footprint while saving money, winning prizes, and helping the planet along the way. The challenge was developed to support Maplewood's energy vision and Energy Action Plan.

Eligible Participants

Maplewood residents and non-resident members of the Maplewood community (for example: congregants, people who work in Maplewood, families of Maplewood students, etc.) who are Xcel Energy electric and gas customers are invited to register for the Energize Maplewood! Team Energy Challenge. Participants are eligible to participate if they rent or own their residence. All participants are required to be part of a team. Only one participant per household can officially register for the challenge.

Teams, Captains & Registration

This is a team-based challenge. There's no need to go it alone. Lean on your teammates for information, inspiration and fun. Participants must join an existing team or form a new team when registering. Teams must consist of 10 to 20 households. If a team is smaller than 10 households or greater than 20, contact the Energy Challenge Coordinator to learn about options.


Each team is required to have a captain. The role of the captain is minimal on one hand and monumental on the other! The captain gets to name the team, help enlist teammates, and inspires the team to save energy throughout the Challenge. Captains will need to communicate with their team members. At a minimum, this will include emails and possibly some home calls. A captain may decide to host a small get-together as a way for team members to meet and to create a plan for the Challenge. All captains will receive a small incentive as a thank you for their leadership.


In order to register, participants will need to provide their name, email, address, Xcel Energy premise number, and select an existing team to join, or to form a new team. By registering, all participants give permission to Xcel Energy, the Energy Challenge Coordinator, and team captains to send email information pertaining to team participation and the Challenge.

Challenge Dates

The Challenge will officially begin January 1, 2016 and end May 31, 2016 during which time team energy use will be tracked. Registration will be open December 1, 2015 until February 29, 2016.

Points & Tracking 

Teams compete to win prizes by earning points starting in January 1, 2016 until May 31, 2016. Teams may earn points in several ways.

  • When participants register for the Challenge they give permission to Xcel Energy to privately track their household use and combine it with their team's energy use on a month to month basis. Team energy use will be tracked against the community average energy use. Teams will be awarded points for lower than average energy use per month.
  • Points will be awarded for specific energy reduction and renewable energy activities, called "actions" listed on the "Challenge Action and Points" chart. Bonus points are available for some actions when all eligible team members complete the action. Points will be automatically tracked and counted for most actions. Some actions will be self-reported through monthly surveys emailed to participants.
  • Points will be awarded for attendance at Energize Maplewood! Energy Challenge sponsored events.
  • Points will be awarded for sharing success and inspiration on social media.

Note: Meters for participants may be read on different days of the month, resulting in energy readings over different time periods. To average team energy usage, data will be weather normalized.


At the end of the Challenge, the team with the most points overall will earn the title "biggest energy losers" and the Grand Prize of up to $500! Throughout the Challenge there will be additional opportunities to earn smaller prizes to be announced through social media.

All prize winners agree his/her name and photo may be used in various communications by the Energize Maplewood! Team Energy Challenge (i.e., newsletters, website, social media, etc.).


All communications should be directed by emailing Shann Finwall, Energy Challenge Coordinator. Information about the challenge will be distributed through email and Facebook. Participants must "like" the City of Maplewood Facebook page to receive information through that channel.

Sharing & Social Media

Team points and totals will be calculated monthly and announced via email and social media outlets. All participants are asked to "Like" the City of Maplewood's Facebook page and "Follow" the City's Twitter page.

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