Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Household Hazardous was (HHW) can take many forms; materials that are flammable, an oxidizer, corrosive, toxic, reactive, or contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are considered hazardous waste. If a container has the words: POISON, DANGER, WARNING or CAUTION on the label and still has product left over it cannot go in the trash. These products found commonly around the house can harm humans, animals, and the environment if used, stored or disposed of improperly.

Examples of Household Hazardous Waste

Automotive products- Including automotive fluids, lead-acid batteries and oil filters,

Household and lawn and garden products- Including adhesives, aerosols, batteries, cleaners, fire extinguishers, fluorescent bulbs, mercury-containing items, paint, pesticides, poisons, pool chemicals, stains and varnishes

Personal care products- Including nail polish, hair spray and perfume.

​Questions: call 651.633.EASY (3279) - answered 24/7 or visit RamseyRecycles.com. 

Disposal Sites

Ramsey County collects and manages hazardous waste at a year round collection site and seasonal collection events throughout the year. Ramsey County HHW Collection Sites  Click here for a list of acceptable materials

Please note, electronics are not accepted. Visit the bulky items page for electronic disposal options. 

Medicine Collection Program

Medicine-Safely dispose of unwanted, expired and unused medicines for FREE at one of Ramsey County’s two public drop boxes. Storing unwanted, expired and unused medicines can lead to drug abuse or poisoning, and medicines flushed down the drain or disposed of in the trash can harm the environment.

Ramsey County has a drop off site available for free to residents who wish to properly dispose of their used medicine. You can find more information on where to go and what you can drop off is on the Ramsey County Medicine Collection Webpage 

Needles, syringes and lancets-
Residential needles, syringes and lancets are now accepted at both mobile and year-round collection sites. Transport them in an empty laundry detergent bottle or other closed container with a screw on lid and label the container "needles". You will be asked to place the container in the collection bin yourself. If you have syringes or EpiPens with liquid, bring them to a Ramsey County medicine collection drop-off. 

Each Republic Sharps mail back kits includes a plastic container specifically designed for sharps waste.  Residents and businesses owners can order sharps kits directly by calling Republics Customer Support team at 855-737-7871. 

Paint Recycling

Still have useable latex and oil based paints? Hardware stores throughout the state accept leftover cans of paint from households and painting contractors. To find a store near you visit the paint drop off site locator or call (855) 724-6809

Safe Transportation Tips

•Keep products in their original container.
•Seal containers tightly and arrange upright in a single layer.
•Transport items in a paper bag, card board box, or plastic tote.
•Transport items in the trunk, away from children.
•Never mix chemicals. Pouring chemicals together can be dangerous and prevents recycling.
•No empties. Empty containers can be placed in the trash or recycling.
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