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Do you have household items that can be reused?

Twin Cities Free Market

The Twin Cities Free Market is an reuse program created by Eureka Recycling to divert usable and repairable items from the waste stream. The Free Market program was the first web based residential exchange program that specifically targeted the exchange of reusable and durable household goods.  If you have items that can be reused or if you are looking for a household items pleas visit the Twin Cities Free Market.  


Do you have items such as clothes and small household good that are still usable?  Do you want to make a positive impact in someone's life? There are lots of charities, non-profits, consignment stores, thrift stores and antique shops in Ramsey County that need your unwanted items. And it's not just clothes. Household items, furniture, even building supplies can be donated.

Think it's not good enough to reuse? Think again. Some things such as a pair of jeans with a hole in the knee will be recycled. For more information check out the Counties Reuse and Donation Guide.

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Curbside Bulky Item Pickup

Who can participate?

All residents that have curbside recycling are eligible to schedule bulky item pick up (including townhomes and manufactured homes that have not opted into the City’s trash program). Residents who wish to use the service but are not included in the City-wide trash service (some townhomes and manufactured homes) must pre-pay via credit card.

How do I schedule curbside bulky item pick up?

Contact Republic Services at 651.455.8634.

Does Republic Services offer curbside bulky item pick up year-round?

  Yes, the City’s contract with Republic Services ensures that curbside bulky item pick up is available to residents year round. Where else can I dispose or recycle my bulky items? For more information visit RamseyRecycles.com or call 651-633-EASY (3279) Answered 24/7.