Event Recycling


Whether you're hosting a block party, graduation, family reunion, or other gathering, make it a green event! Consider using recycling and organics containers to reduce waste. These portable containers collapse for transport and come with your choice of signage and bags that attach to the assembled frame. Containers are loaned at no cost to Ramsey County residents and organizations for any temporary gathering.

Reserve for Your Next Event

Call 651.266.1199 to reserve your bins. Plan for a recycling and organics container to be next to each trash can to make recycling and trash disposal easier.

Where to Recycle the Bottles and Cans You Collect

You have 3 options:

1.Arrange for pick-up service with a recycling service provider. A list of businesses can be found online at RethinkRecycling.com.

2.Transport your cans and bottles directly to: Advanced Disposal | 309 Como Ave., St. Paul, 55103 | 651.487.8546

3.If you collected a small amount of bottles and cans, recycle them at home in your curbside recycling bin.

Where to Compost the Organics You Collect

Here are 3 options:

1. Ask if your trash service or recycling service provider also collects organics for composting and can provide pick up service at your event.

2. Transport your organics directly to: The Mulch Store (operated by SET, Inc) | Locations | 952.946.6999 | rfriend@setinc.net

3. If you are collecting only 5 bags or less of organics, you can drop them off at a Ramsey County Yard Waste Collection Site (except Arden Hills) during regular hours. Look for the "Organics Recycling" collection dumpster.

4. If you are collecting more than 5 bags of organics, call ahead at 651.266.1199 for pre-approval. Staff will direct you to a Ramsey County Yard Waste Collection Site that has sufficient capacity.

Types of Recycling Containers

The following types of recycling containers are available for loan at no cost. To make sorting easier for your attendees additional signage is available for all bins.


Standard Recycling Container

Standard Recycling Container | portable bin to collect bottles & cans | can be used with base



Organics Container

Organics Container | portable bin to collect food waste & non-recycled paper | can be used with base


Side Kick Recycling Container

Side Kick Recycling Container | frame & bag that attaches to a trash cart to collect bottles & cans

If you have questions about reserving a container for your next event please contact Shann Finwall, at 651-249-2304.