2015 Campaign Financial Reports

Past Reports Due in 2015
Marvin Koppen
2015 Year End  Report
Marylee Abrams
2015 Year End Report
Nora Slawik
2015 Year End Report
Kathy Juenemann
2015 Year End Report
2015 Ballot Candidates Campaign Financial Reports
Robert Cardinal
Pre-Primary Report
Robert Cardinal
Pre-General Report
Robert Cardinal  Certificate of Filing
Robert Cardinal  Post-General Report
Robert Cardinal Year-End Report
Diana Longrie Pre-Primary Report
Diana Longrie Pre-General Report
Diana Longrie Certificate of Filing
Diana Longrie  Final Report
Bryan Smith Initial Report
Bryan Smith Pre-Primary Report
Bryan Smith Pre-General Report
Bryan Smith Certificate of Filing
Bryan Smith Post-General Report
Bryan Smith Year-End Report
Tou Xiong Initial Report
Tou Xiong Pre-Primary Report
Tou Xiong Pre-General Report
Tou Xiong  Certificate of Filing
Tou Xiong Post-General Report
Tou Xiong Final Report
Paul Babin Certificate of Filing
Political Action Committee (PAC) Campaign Financial Reports  
St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce Pre-General Report
St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce Post-General Report
St. Paul Regional Labor Federation AFL-CIO COPE 2015 Year End Report