Regional Indicators

The City of Maplewood is participating in the Regional Indicators Initiative project. The project measures annual performance metrics for 20 Minnesota cities that are committed to increasing their overall efficiency and level of sustainability. The project addresses two crucial components of planning for sustainability-carbon baseline assessments and annual indicators. 

Primary Indicators

Four primary indicators were collected through the activities generated by the people who live, work, learn, travel, visit, and recreate within each city's geographical boundaries including:

  • Energy: Total energy consumed for electricity production and the stationary combustion of natural gas and other fuels (coal, fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, propane) primarily for space heating
  • Greenhouse gas emissions: Gas emissions in carbon dioxide equivalents. Can be broken down by sector
  • Travel: On-road vehicle miles traveled
  • Waste: Municipal solid waste managed via recycling, composting, combustion, and landfilling
  • Water: Potable water consumed

Urban Land Institute

The project is supported by the Urban Land Institute, whose mission is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities. View the Regional Indicators website to see how our community is doing compared to other communities in the region.