Tree Planting & Care

Books for Tree Identification

A good place to start for tree identification is Minnesota Trees. It describes most of the trees you are likely to find in Maplewood's natural areas. It has a field key to help identify trees, as well as descriptions of pictures of leaves, fruits and twigs. It is available through University of Minnesota Extension Service at 800-876-8636 or 612-624-4900.

For details on native woody plant species, the "go to" book is Minnesota Trees and Shrubs, by Welby Smith. It contains all the trees, shrubs, and vines native to Minnesota. It has a field key to identify the plants in the book. Plant form, flowers, fruit, leaves, and bark are pictured. Maps show which Minnesota counties have recorded the plant present, and also what the plants range is in North America. The plant is described and interesting natural history is given. Published in 2008 by the University of Minnesota Press, it is available through bookstores.

Tree Selection, Planting & Care Online Resources

  • University of Minnesota's website has Tree Selection suggestions, plus many more resources for landscaping with trees and shrubs.
  • Minnesota Department of Transportation's Plant Selector lets you look up the characteristics of specific trees, as well as learn which trees should do well under different habitat conditions. It also has information on grasses and other non-woody plants.
  • If you already have a plant you are considering, the Missouri Botanical Garden Plant Finder is a great place to look up its characteristics and care.
  • U.S. Forest Service handbook, Tree Owner's Manual (PDF), is an excellent resource for tree planting instructions and tree care.
  • For information about Minnesota tree care and diseases, check the University of Minnesota's My Minnesota Woods's Urban Natural Resources.
  • To learn about the benefits and value of trees, visit the International Society of Arboriculture's Trees Are Good website. This site also has links to planting, pruning, and tree care information.

Tree Diseases

Emerald Ash Borer, Dutch Elm Disease, and Oak Wilt are contagious tree diseases. Learn how the City of Maplewood is managing these diseases by visiting the Diseased Tree Program page.

For more general information on identifying and treating tree diseases, visit Forest Pathology.

Ramsey County Master Gardeners

Ramsey County Master Gardeners are available to answer tree care questions. Call 651-704-2071 with your question. A Master Gardener will research your concern, then return your call. Master Gardeners also staff Information Booths at area farmers' markets. Check their website for Information Booth location and hours.

Additionally, a Diagnostic Clinic is held at 2020 White Bear Avenue. You can bring in samples tree branches for help determining what is causing a problem and how to tree it. In 2014, starting on May 7, and operating until September 27, the Diagnostic Clinic is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11 am until 1 pm

Compost & Brush Drop-off Sites in Ramsey County

  • All compost sites accept leaves. Some Ramsey County compost sites also accept brush and tree limbs.
  • Mulch and wood chips are available at times throughout the growing season.
  • Check individual County compost sites for location and hours.