City Tree Inventory

In 2011, Maplewood completed an inventory of boulevard and park trees. The inventory documented location, species, diameter, and condition for:

  • Trees in manicured areas of city parks (not woodlands or natural areas)
  • Trees on the boulevard right-of-way for streets maintained by the city (not streets maintained by the county)

Local Tree Inventory Breakdown

Total number of trees: 9563

  • 21% Ash
  • 21% Maple
  • 17% Spruce
  • 6% Pine
  • 5% Oak
  • 4% Apple and Crab
  • 4% Basswood
  • 4% Elm
  • 3% Honey Locust
  • 2% Birch
  • 2% Cottonwood
  • 2% White Cedar
  • 8% Mix of 29 Other Genera, Each 1% or Less

Using the Inventory

The tree inventory provides baseline data for an urban forestry plan. Over the next few years, the city will be developing forestry goals and strategies to ensure the health and wellbeing of a diverse urban forest in Maplewood.

The inventory has been crucial in helping the city plan for Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). Maplewood has 2037 ash trees on boulevards and in manicured areas of parks. If these are lost to EAB, the city is facing removal and replanting costs of $700 to $900 per tree, totaling $1,425,900 to $1,833,300. In addition, the city EAB plan calls for removing ash that are in poor condition prior to infestation and the inventory gives us location and information on condition so we can target these trees.