Tree Purchase Rebate

Tree Purchase Rebate

The Tree Purchase Rebate is a cost-share program designed to encourage residential and commercial property owners to plant native shade trees on landscaped property.

The city will reimburse the purchase price of a shade tree at a cost-share of 50% - up to $100 per tree. Each household or business may purchase up to four trees, for a maximum reimbursement of $200 per year. After the tree is purchased and planted, the purchase receipt and the Tree Purchase Rebate Form are submitted for reimbursement.

Apply for the Tree Purchase Rebate

Before making your purchase, please read the requirements and restrictions in the Tree Purchase Rebate Form. Note especially: you must provide a receipt, there are deadlines for submission, and not all trees are eligible for the rebate (most native deciduous trees qualify). If you have questions, please call Maplewood Nature Center, 651-249-2170 prior to making your purchase.

To apply for a rebate, download the Tree Purchase Rebate Form (see link below). Send the completed form with your receipt to:
Maplewood Nature Center
2659 Seventh Street East
Maplewood, MN 55119

Rebates are processed twice each growing season.

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