Trash Hauling

Trash Service Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Maplewood have contracted trash and recycling service?  Yes - Maplewood contracts with Republic Services for city-wide residential trash service and Tennis Sanitation, LLC, for residential recycling.
  • Who is included in the City's trash service?  All single-family residential homes (4 units or less) are included in the city-wide trash service. .  
  • What can go in my trash can? General trash and household refuse can go in your can.  Items like mattresses, appliances, medicines, and hazardous waste should not be placed in the trash. 
  • What if I want to rent a dumpster for a construction or other large residential project?  Contact one of Maplewood's licensed trash haulers for pricing.  
  • Who can opt into the City's trash service?  Townhomes and manufactured homeowner associations may opt into the trash plan at any time.
  • When is trash collected?  Trash is collected once a week on your designated day-certain trash pick up day (Monday through Friday).
  • Who collects trash at commercial and multi-family properties?  Commercial and multi-family residential properties that have not opted into the Maplewood Trash Plan are required to have a licensed trash hauler remove trash from the property at least once a week.
  • Are all trash haulers licensed in the City of Maplewood?  Any business that hauls solid waste within the City of Maplewood must first obtain a solid waste collection license.
  • How do I start my trash service?  Call 651-455-8634 or visit Republic's website to start your trash service.
  • How do I cancel my trash service?  Call 651-455-8634 to cancel your trash service.  Recycling service is cancelled through your utilities account.
  • It's a holiday, when will my trash will be picked up?  Visit our solid waste guide for more information.
  • Is Christmas Tree collection included in my trash service?  Yes, Christmas Tree collection is a value added benefit of the Maplewood Trash Program.  Place natural trees at the curb for collection on your trash pick up day during the first two full weeks in January.

Residential Trash Service Information

Republic Services 651-455-8634

Republic Services is the city's residential trash hauling contractor. The customer service telephone number is 651-455-8634 and telephone calls are taken Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. After hours residents can leave a message for Republic Service's residential customer service team. Customer service comments can also be submitted via Republic's website.

Trash Carts and Rates

The city supplies the trash carts for the residential trash service.  The carts come in 4 sizes and 5 service levels.  Prices listed below include all taxes and fees: 

20 gallon every other week pick up - $7.15

20 gallon every week pick up  - $9.78

32 gallon every week pick up - $11.36

65 gallon every week pick up - $12.92

95 gallon every week pick up  - $14.66

Trash Cart Size


Trash Hauling Bills

Republic Services does the billing for residential trash service.  Bills are mailed every other month and include an itemized list to include your residential service level, cart service ($0.75 per month to cover the cost of the city-owned trash carts), county environmental charge (28%), and the state solid waste management tax (9.75%). 


Trash Hauling Information and Forms