Trash Hauling

Residential Trash Hauling

Trash Hauling Rates

The city supplies the trash carts for the residential trash service. Republic Services manages the carts. The carts come in 4 sizes and 5 service levels.  Bi-monthly trash rates are listed below.  Rates reflect all taxes and fees.  

  • 20 gallon every other week pick up - $24.85
  • 20 gallon every week pick up - $27.25
  • 35 gallon every week pick up - $30.14
  • 65 gallon every week pick up - $37.83
  • 95 gallon every week pick up - $45.51

Trash Service

Maplewood contracts with Republic Services for single family residential trash and yard waste collection. All single family homes with four or more units are included in the city-wide trash service. Townhomes and manufactured homes can opt into the trash service (PDF). Trash is collected once a week on your designated day-certain trash pick up day (PDF) (Monday through Friday).


Republic Services does the billing for residential trash service. Bills are mailed every other month and include an itemized list of service level, cart fee ($.75 per household per month to cover the cost of the City-owned carts), county environmental charge (28%), and the state solid waste management tax (9.75%). Full details on the City’s residential trash service can be found in the annual 2020 solid waste guide (PDF)

Setting Up and Cancelling Service

Contact Republic Services to set up and cancel service.  When cancelling service, make sure to schedule your last collection day and cart pick up.  Give Republic Services your forwarding address for final billing or credits if warranted.  With the trash cart removed from the property, the new owner or tenant will then be able to set up their own service levels.   

Bulky Items

For an additional fee, Republic Services provides collection of appliances and bulky items.  The cost of collection ranges from $10 to $35, depending on the item.  You can also visit or call 651-633-EASY (3279) 24/7 to learn about other options for reusing, recycling, or disposing of bulky items.  

Commercial & Multi-Family Residential Trash Hauling

Commercial and multi-family residential properties with more than four units and manufactured homes and townhomes that have not opted into the Maplewood Trash Plan are required to have a licensed trash hauler (PDF) remove trash from the property at least once a week.