Maplewood contracts with Tennis Sanitation for its residential recycling program. All single and multi-family properties are included in the program. 

Single Family Recycling 

Starting Recycling 

The recycling fee is included on your residential water bill. Once you set up your water service and have identified that there is an existing recycling cart at your new home, your recycling service is set to begin. If there is not a recycling cart at your new home, or you would like to switch the size of your recycling cart, contact Tennis Sanitation.

Recycling Rates

The recycling fee is included on your residential water bill. The 2023 recycling rate is $5.74 per household, per month ($17.22 quarterly).   

Recycling Fee Vacation Hold

All single family properties pay into the City's recycling program.  The recycling fee is used to fund the City’s overall recycling program which pays for the collection and processing of recyclables, education, outreach, and administration of all recycling programs in the City. The fee is added to your water bill and there is no way to place a hold on the recycling fee and service while on vacation.  However, you are able to place a hold on your trash bill.  


No need to call the City or Tennis Sanitation if you are moving.  Once you cancel your water service, the recycling fee added to your water bill will end as well.  Simply leave your recycling cart in your garage for use by the new owner or tenant.  

Recycling Carts

Tennis Sanitation supplies recycling carts for the City’s recycling program. Carts are available in 95, 65, and 35-gallon sizes. All sizes of recycling carts are at the same price. Contact Tennis Sanitation to exchange cart sizes.

Walk Up Service

If you have difficulty getting the cart to the curb, contact the City to set up a walk-up service (see contact information above).

Items Collected

Click here for a list of recyclable items collected.

Recycling Pick Up Schedule

Place the recycling cart at the curb by 6 a.m. on your recycling pick up day.

Clothing and Other Reusable Linens

Tennis Sanitation subcontracts with Simple Recycling for the collection of clean clothes and shoes. Click here to view the list of accepted items.  To participate request Simple Recycling bags from Tennis Sanitation, or use a white plastic bag marked "Linens". Place the bag on top of your recycling cart on collection day.   All of the materials are graded and sorted locally and/or regionally based on quality and condition. The top quality materials will be resold to local thrift outlets, mid grade is exported to international markets and “unusable” items are processed for raw materials.

Multi-Family Recycling

Starting Recycling

Contact your landlord or association for information on how the recycling collection and fees work in your development. 

Recycling Rates

The recycling fee is included on your mutli-family property's residential water bill. The 2023 recycling rate is $5.74 per household (per unit), per month ($17.22 quarterly).  Each property bills their tenants or association members differently.  Contact your landlord or association for information.    

Multi-Family Recycling Carts & Dumpsters

Tennis Sanitation supplies 95-gallon recycling carts that are placed in centralized locations of development or recycling dumpsters for developments with 21 units or more.  


BizRecycling offers recycling information and free resources and grants to help start or improve recycling programs at multi-family properties in Ramsey County and Washington County.

Other Recycling Opportunities

Food Scraps (Organics) Collection

  1. Curbside food scrap pick up coming to Maplewood soon.  Learn more about Ramsey County's curbside food scrap pick up program here.
  2. Drop off food scraps at the Maplewood food scraps collection site located in the parking lot of the Maplewood Community Center-YMCA at 2100 White Bear Avenue. You can also recycle food scraps at Ramsey County Yard Waste sites.  Learn more about Ramsey County’s food scraps drop off program here. 

Event Recycling

Maplewood has portable recycling and food scraps containers for your next Maplewood event. Containers are loaned at no cost to Maplewood residents and organizations.   Contact the City to reserve your event recycling and food scraps containers (see contact information above). 

Ramsey Recycles

Ramsey County Recycling and Disposal Hotline 651-633-EASY (answered 24/7).  A to Z Recycling and Disposal Guide.  Find details on the County's yard waste sites, food scraps (organics) collection, medicine collection, household hazardous waste, fix it clinics, product reuse center, reuse guide, and questions on how to recycle or dispose of items.