Maplewood's Recycling Program: Maplewood has a four-year contract with Tennis Sanitation for its residential recycling program. All single and multi-family properties are included in the program. Tennis collects recyclables at the curb from City-supplied recycling bins for single family homes and most townhome and manufactured home properties. Tennis supplies recycling carts for multi-family properties, which are placed in designated areas of each property. Recycling fees are billed on a property owner's water bill. The monthly recycling rate for single and multi-family units in 2018 is $3.43  Click here to view the City's 2018 Solid Waste Guide.

Recycling Carts:  Tennis Sanitation supplies recycling carts for the City's recycling program. Carts are available in 95, 65, and 35 gallon sizes. Residents can request up to two change orders for different cart sizes at no charge.  All subsequent change orders for cart sizes shall result in a $25 charge.  Carts should be returned to storage no later than 6 a.m. the day after collection day and should be stored in the garage or screened from view from the street, unless provisions are allowed by the City due to special site circumstances.  

Recyclables Collected:  Recyclables are collected in a single sort method. Just place all materials in the recycling cart.  Click here to view the materials collected in the City's recycling program.

Walk Up ServiceThe contract with Tennis allows Maplewood residents to request walk up recycling service if you have difficulty getting the cart to the curb.  To set up this service please call (651)-249-2305.
Recycling Pick Up Schedule: Place the recycling cart at the curb by 6 a.m. on your recycling pick up day. Click here to view the holiday scheduleClick here to view the recycling pick up days.

Tennis Sanitation Telephone Number:  (651) 459-1887

Tennis Sanitation Website: 

Annual Recycling Report: Tennis Sanitation presented their annual recycling report to the City Council on April 11, 2016.  The report reflects that Maplewood single family residential properties recycled a total of 2,949.94 net tons of recyclable materials in 2015.  This was an average of 53.48 pounds per single family household per month.  Multi-family residential properties recycled a total of 314.66 net tons, which equates to an average of 13.04 pounds per multi-family household per month.