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Posted on: July 14, 2017

2040 Comprehensive Plan process taking shape

Now is your opportunity to SHAPE YOUR CITY

City staff and residents have begun the process of shaping what Maplewood might look like in 2040. The Comprehensive Plan is a process that articulates the City’s long-term vision in terms of policies and strategies. The process touches on nearly everything the City does: land use, transportation, natural resources management, housing, managing historical spaces, and economic development.

“We refer to it as a road map,” Economic Development Coordinator Michael Martin said. “It helps us consider where we want to be twenty years into the future.”

By state law, comprehensive plans must be updated every 10 years and must also align with the Metropolitan Council’s plans for highways, transit, airports, wastewater services, parks, and open space. For the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, the City of Maplewood is required to finish its plan and then submit it to the Metropolitan Council for review, and approval for adoption, by the end of 2018.

“It’s a very robust process,” Martin explained. “But it really does help us focus on where we’re at, and where we need to be. Ultimately, comprehensive plans are very good for cities.”

The process first does a deep dive into the current comprehensive plan in an effort to get a sense of the elements most in need of updating. From there, numerous opportunities are provided to residents to review the plan and offer input. After the plan is fully updated, it goes to the Maplewood Planning Commission and the Maplewood City Council.

New tool

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan includes an easy to use interactive map that helps users identify the areas of the City they especially value and the areas they think need special attention. Users can also leave comments on everything from the parks system, to housing and public safety.

“I think this is a critical component of the entire planning process,” Martin noted. “We want to hear from as many people as possible so we can really get a complete sense of what’s working, what isn’t working, and what needs to happen in the coming decades to keep Maplewood strong and vital.”

To use the interactive map, visit and click on the map or click on the “Click to Help Shape Your City” link.

“To me, the citizen engagement component is crucial,” Martin said. “The opinions and expectations of our residents plays a huge role in shaping the Comprehensive Plan.”

What comes next?

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee is made up of the City Council, representatives from each of the City’s boards and commissions, and community members representing residents, businesses, members of faith communities, and other governments.

“The steering committee has already done outstanding work,” Economic Development Director DuWayne Konewko noted. “I think it speaks well of Maplewood that we have so many people willing to share their time and talents.”

The steering committee is scheduled to meet on July 27, Sept. 21, Nov. 30, of this year, and Feb. 22, 2018. Each meeting will run from 5-6:45 p.m. at Fire Station No. 2, 1955 Clarence St.

"The steering committee is made up of people who really care about Maplewood," Mayor Nora Slawik said. "I'm also pleased that there will be so many opportunities for residents to share their opinions and their hopes for our City's future."

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