Community Garden

2018 Edgerton Community Garden is OPEN to registered gardeners for the season! 

Registered Gardeners may begin gardening effective Friday, April 27th, 2018.  The water tank and restroom will be installed in coming weeks, so for now, gardeners are advised to bring their own water if they are going to plant. 

Garden plots are filled for this season.  For nearby links to other Community Gardens in the area, see the Resources section, below. 

Edgerton Community Garden is Located in Edgerton Park near the baseball fields and the playground.  The park is located near the corner of Roselawn and Edgerton in Maplewood, and just north of Edgerton Elementary School.

Edgerton Community Garden has 12’ x 15’ plots, and 4’ x 8’ raised bed (eighteen inches height, priority for raised beds given to those with self-reporting mobility issues, though not wheelchair accessible) for the 2018 garden season.  The City will stake the plots, and provide a water tank. Renters agree to plant, maintain, and harvest their plots using organic (chemical-free) methods.  The plots are not tilled for the gardeners.

Garden Improvements in 2018 to provide water spigots and expand and improve the garden is planned to take place this garden season.  This construction may temporarily make some garden plots inaccessible for a few days this garden season, and some plots may not be available for rent, or will only be available for a limited time frame for rent to allow for grading of the site.

Renters agree to plant their plots no later than Monday, May 21, 2018, and the have their plots cleaned and cleared by the end of the season, by Weds, October 24th, 2018. 

Community Garden Questions: Call Coordinator Oakley Biesanz 651-249-2173

OPEN HOUSE: Edgerton Community Garden Open House: Open to the Public: Friday, April 27th, 2018 4:30PM-6:30PM


Gardening Tips

This handout highlights research-based gardening tips for building your soil and controlling pests and weeds organically. This handout was put together by Jeffrey Gillman, former professor at University of MN in Horticultural Sciences, and his presentation for the Community Gardens of Maplewood and North St Paul. The translations below are provided by local volunteers. 
English Language (PDF), 
Spanish Language (PDF),
Hmong Language (PDF), 
Karen Language (PDF)