The Maplewood Police Department has an authorized strength of 52 sworn officers and 11 non-sworn staff that serves the broad range policing needs of the City.

Mission Statement
The Maplewood Police Department, in partnership with its citizens, will work to solve problems relating to crime and the fear of crime, with an emphasis on meeting community needs.

Maplewood Police Policy Manual
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Have you thought about becoming a police officer?  Do you have a two or four-year degree even if it's not in criminal justice or a related field?

The Maplewood Police Department is again partnering with several other agencies around the metro in the Pathways to Policing program.  Applicants must possess or will possess by June 1, 2018, a two or four-year degree from an accredited college in any discipline.  Click on the link below to find out more and apply.  The link will take you to a City of Bloomington webpage that is used for all participating agencies. 


See our full Strategic Plan here

2018 Strategic Plan

Analysis of 2017 Enforcement Action

Enforcement Action

As a department we are committed to:

  • Effective, innovative, and high quality police service delivery
  • Communication and transparency that builds community trust and partnership
  • Reduction of crime and livability problems through measured and collaborative prevention and intervention efforts.

2018 Department Goals

  • Involve community partners in policing efforts to successfully communicate and problem solve. 
  • Increase non-enforcement public contact and interaction such as community meetings and presentations.
  • Implement problem oriented policing strategies through data collection and analysis
  • Develop a department-wide training plan that emphasizes person development, high performing teams, and addresses both skill and knowledge based training.

Maplewood Crime Information