Unwanted Newspaper Delivery

The city has received complaints from residents regarding the weekly delivery of unsolicited newspapers and their direct ads in Maplewood.  The delivery of unwanted newspapers to residents is a concern for the city.  Many residents see these deliveries as litter if the paper is left on the property after a resident has officially asked that these papers not be delivered.

Delivery agents are not supposed to deliver any publication contrary to a resident’s expressed wishes. At the same time, residents are asked to understand that it’s difficult to control the delivery practices of every delivery agent at all times.

Also, keep in mind that the distribution of news and related advertising material is an activity that is protected under the First Amendment, so the city’s control over this activity is limited.​​​​​​​

Star Tribune or StribExpress:
To start or stop delivery of this product, you can call the Strib Express service line at 612-673-7226, or email (stribexpress@startribune.com) and please provide your full name and delivery address for the start or stop. You can also report a ‘failure to stop’ the same way.

​Twin Cities Values (TCV​​):
If you are receiving delivery of this product and you want it to stop, you can call the TCV service line at 612-673-7305, or email tcv@startribune.com (and please provide your full delivery address). You can also report a ‘failure to stop’ in the same way.

​​Lillie News:
If you do not wish to receive this publication or if your request to stop delivery is not being honored, you should contact their circulation department (circulation@lillienews.com ) or at (651) 748-7833.​

Additional Questions:
​If there are additional questions or comments please do not hesitate to call Chris Swanson at 651-249-2305 or by email at Chris.Swanson@maplewoodMN.gov.