Tuj Lub Courts

On Wednesday, September 16 the City of Maplewood and Ramsey County held a ground breaking event at Keller Regional Park for the Tuj Lub project that is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2016.  This project became a reality due to the wonderful partnership with the County and the support of our legislative team that all attended the event.  The addition of these courts not only gives people the opportunity to play this game but will give the Hmong Community the ability to preserve this very significant Cultural and Historical game for future generations. 
Tuj Lub Ground Breaking

Tuj Lub (pronounced “too-loo”) is a traditional Hmong sport involving spinning tops. Teams of six compete to earn points by launching tops towards various targets at distances ranging from 10 feet all the way up to 70 feet. This aspect of the culture is an important way to preserve their heritage and introduce new players to the art.

There will be 3 combined courts for recreational or tournament play, one single court in same vicinity that will be used with rental of picnic shelters in the park. The project includes accessible paved trail, irrigated turf, fencing, and reinforced turf for high impact areas, concrete launch pad and throwing lanes, PVC coat belting for throwing lane, landscaping, signage, and seating.

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